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Creative solutions to any video presentations

Jemstar    Time: 1:01 min     April Marie Castro    Time: 17:23 min     Renee De Guzman    Time: 14:56 min     Nicole Tolentino    Time: 15:00 min  Note: Video buffering can take longer. Thanks  for your patience.

Supported video formats

The primary supported video format is MP4 (.mp4), which is very efficient and is compatible with the vast majority of web users, so almost everyone will be able to view presented videos without hassle. Shared videos achieves excellent compatibility using the modern HTML5 standard to stream video without requiring a browser plug-in, but on older computer systems where HTML5 is not supported can fallback to using a Flash Player instead.

Video samples available in DVD-R format. Contact us for additional video/slideshows info.

Creative Solutions
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